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Natural breast enlargement with own fat

Natural and discreet breast enlargement

An enlarged and fuller bust is desired by many, and breast implants of silicone are a well-established method of breast augmentation. But the method is not optimal if you want to get surgery, anesthesia and scars, and if you just want a slight discreet breast enlargement. Then fat transplantation of body fat can be a good option.

Best technique for fat transplantation

At Stureplan Clinic the team offers water-assisted liposuction with Body jet combined with fat transplant, a technique called BEAULI (BrEast AUgmentation by LIpotransfer).

The technique is uniquely gentle, and therefore you have a much higher survival of fat than with other techniques, on average 75%. Another advantage is that you can do the procedure in local anesthesia and that the follow-up is mild.

Then the treatment goes on

Liposuction of the area chosen (eg love handle, ridbyxia) is performed in local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. The fat is collected in a sterile hose system and can be used directly for transplantation. After local anesthesia, the fat is injected under the skin of the chest through a few millimeter openings. You are awake but get some relaxing medicine and lie and chat with your nurse in the meantime. A sterile cloud is stretched in front of the operating area. The pain of liposuction and transplantation is usually moderate. You can also get some swelling and bruising. The breasts may be tense the first day of local anesthesia but then release. Final results are seen after about 2 months. You can repeat the procedure after 4-6 months if you want more volume.

The Cost

To opt for this procedure, one is expected to spend around 6000-10000 USD per session. Some fat might subside or die out after some months and some maintenance procedure is needed.

Alternative natural and safe option

There is another option for those of us with tighter budget. It's called natural breast enhancement remedy. Check out the information on this blog to learn more!