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12 things that can make your breasts bigger

Do you ever wish for a bigger set of breasts? Then you may be glad to hear that it is possible to get it, in a completely natural way.

We have listed 12 things that make your breasts bigger, or less, with inspiration from many trusted beauty communities on the internet.

1. Menstruation

Did you know that your breasts are like the first few days on your cycle? Five to seven days after, the breast is also smaller because the estrogen level drops.

2. After ovulation

After the egg solution, the estrogen level increases again. Then more blood flows to the breasts - and they can look bigger.

3. Weight

The breasts consist of breast and fat tissue. This means that your breasts will grow bigger when you gain weight, and may even decrease when you slim down.

It is individual for each person how much weight affects breast size, because it depends on the breast structure. Women with fixed breasts have more breast tissue than fat, and therefore they often notice no major difference if they go up or down.

4. Puberty

In puberty, the breasts begin to grow. First, a small bump comes under the nipple, then the nipples grow bigger and darker. It may take several years for the breasts to reach their full size.

5. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body prepares to breastfeed, as well as changing the size of the breasts. Even the nipples may become larger.

6. Breastfeeding

Shortly after giving birth, the hormone increases the prolactin that initiates milk production. When you’re breastfeeding, milk production can be stimulated by the sound of crying baby, talking about touching the baby and sex. More milk, bigger breasts.

7. Sex

Did you know that the breasts became bigger during sex?
Blood pressure and heart rate increase during six, which makes the breasts bigger. The nipples may also become stiff.

8. Pills

Estrogen in birth control pills or natural product like Total Curve can make the breasts grow bigger.

9. Medicine

Some forms of medicine, especially antipsychotic, antidepressants, and blood pressure medications can cause larger, swollen breasts.

10. Training

When exercising and not using sports bra, the breasts may become smaller, that is, they can "stretch" when jumping.

11. Caffeine

Some women experience that they get bigger and more sensitive breasts if they drink coffee.

12. Implant

Yes, that's what it's all about.